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Our Story

Macri Fruit Distributors

Macri Fruit distributors is a proud supplier of fruit and vegetables to the kitchens of Sydney. The roots of our business extend back to 1988, when we discovered that our customers’ needs were changing from casual dining to a more upmarket fine dining, offering diners more selection of unusual meals, tastes, and flavours. Some new trends were emerging with more demand for figs, celeriac zucchini flowers, radish, and pomegranates, just to name a few. We also began to experience high demand for baby vegetables and with over 40 varieties of exotic mushrooms and an extensive range of Asian vegetables. The competition for restaurants has never been more obsessive. The hunt to create a signature dish, with unique flavours and aromas, that will have customers coming back for more. Macri Fruit distributors provides all the fresh ingredients to make this dream a success story.